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  • Allison Baum Gates & Colin Tobias

Announcing Our Investment in Murmur

For decades now, the way we work has not been working. All too often, we were working together but not getting anywhere. The concept of “collaboration” was like the air - you knew it was there, but you couldn’t see it or feel it. If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that what we can’t see still has the power to change the world. That led us to ask, what if we could make collaboration visible? What if we can bring transparency to all the critical processes that power our jobs, teams, and businesses? And then, we met Aaron Dignan.

Fast forward six months, and today we’re excited to announce our participation in Murmur’s seed round led by Lerer Hippeau. Murmur is a collaborative platform where teams decide how they want to work together. Within the product, users can create, test, scale, and share working agreements for everything ranging from a new meeting format, to an important process, to the roles and rights within a team itself. At its core, Murmur is a living handbook that captures workflow, culture, and collaboration within one technology.

Until now, there has been no central platform for creating, iterating, referencing, storing, and sharing information about work processes. And now in a digital, distributed, data-driven world, making our processes tangible, editable, and shareable is even more mission-critical for business success.

Whether it is creating a remote work plan, creating new parental leave policies, or sharing expectations around communication across different platforms, we have consistently heard from our HR advisors that there is a need for clarity, transparency, and community support. Though the product is still in private beta, we have a long list of excited customers eager for what Murmur is offering.

And luckily, so does Aaron. During his time building The Ready, an organizational change practice, he has worked with customers like Airbnb, Charles Schwab, Schneider Electric, and Hyatt to transform the way they work. He shared his learnings in his book, Brave New Work, which is how we originally connected (via Twitter, no less!) As we’ve built our thesis at SemperVirens based on thousands of conversations with fast-growing startups as well as CHROs at the country’s largest and most influential employers, we’ve crystallized our thesis on what the future of work is, and what it isn’t. Murmur is the rare platform that is in the position to actually shape the workplace of the future.

We look forward to building it together!

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