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Announcing our Investment in Violet

We are thrilled to announce that SemperVirens is leading a $5.3 million seed round in and upskilling health care providers in the ability to treat culturally diverse patient populations. We are grateful to be investing alongside industry-leaders like Northwell Health, HopeLab, The Venture Collective, Incite Ventures, and Naomi Allen (Founder and CEO of Brightline). Our General Partner, Allison Baum Gates, will join the board as part of the financing.

We’ve seen employers invest heavily in diversity, equity, and inclusion workforce initiatives in recent years, while still lacking the right tools for providing high quality health care to their employees with diverse identities. From primary care to mental health care, there is evidence that working with a health care provider who understands your unique needs leads to better outcomes. Although there has been an explosion in new point solutions providing identity-specific care, the question has remained — how can the system provide high quality care to all types of people in a scalable way without essentially creating a “separate but equal” health care system?

After years of tracking the space, we were excited to meet Guarang Choksi and Violet as it is clear he shares our vision of building an infrastructure-first approach to serving culturally competent care for all types of people. Violet’s provider credentialing platform is the foundation for enabling any provider network to create identity-centered care pathways for their patients.

Since its establishment in 2020, Violet has enabled their customers, industry-leading companies like Brightline, Galileo, Parsley Health, Headway, and NOCD to launch identity-centered care journeys for their customers. Using standardized data from hundreds of behavioral health providers, the implementation of Violet’s cultural competence measurementled to 60-day patient retention rates of 87%, nearly 3x the industry standard.

Violet’s product provides a full spectrum of solutions from identifying and benchmarking inclusive clinicians, to upskilling to drive further competency in the industry. In detail, Violet first objectively benchmarks clinicians in their cultural competence for treating diverse patients. This benchmark then provides a personally-curated pathway to upskill clinicians’ inclusivity. Finally, Violet enables care delivery orgs to surface clinician benchmarks, allowing patients to find the right care for them. Violet’s proprietary framework consists of data points including professional and lived experience, education, participation in communities of interest, and cultural humility.

We’re excited to partner with Guarang and the Violet team to ensure that every patient has access to the health care they need and deserve, and employers can provide this high quality health care to all employees.

Learn more about how Violet is powering identity-centered care and enabling health equity for all at

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