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Our Approach

By harnessing a powerful ecosystem, we understand how technology is impacting employers and employees in real-time. 


We provide access to key stakeholders.

By connecting entrepreneurs with key stakeholders, channel partners, and end-buyers in our network, we activate meaningful relationships between mission-driven members of our ecosystem to create real value on both sides of every introduction.


We leverage real-time market insights.

Leveraging our advisors, investors, and partners, we proactively identify new opportunities for product transformation and product-market fit with actual end buyers before making an investment 


We accelerate portfolio growth.

With direct access to buyers at over 1500+ companies across SMB, Mid-Market and Fortune 500 companies, we supercharge the growth of the businesses we back. Through our channel partnerships, we also reach over 100,000+ companies who look to our network for guidance on what to buy.


Learn more about how our firm is at the center of a strategic network of people-focused investors, operators, industry analysts, and consulting firms that provide a proprietary source of high-quality dealflow, real-time insight into market needs and buying patterns, and post-investment distribution for our portfolio companies. 

Let us share more of our story with you. 

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