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Our Portfolio

We back founders committed to transforming the world of work, and we leverage our ecosystem to help them do it faster.  

Our focus is early stage companies solving employer needs.

It's a dynamic time for workforce, healthcare, and financial tech companies. While these markets are large and complex, they are also unsaturated, which creates outsized opportunities for entrepreneurs seeking multi-billion dollar outcomes and multi-generational impact.


Workforce Tech


These essential solutions and services are redefining the way employers and employees work.


Factors at play:

  • Repetitive tasks will be automated, and people will focus on strategic and relationship-focused tasks.

  • Employers are embracing a flipped workplace model, where employees move flexibly between individual work and collaborative work spaces.

  • Employers need new, data-driven solutions to measure outcomes of their investment in people tools and applications.

Select Examples:


Select Examples:


Healthcare Tech


These technology-enabled healthcare products help employers offer better care, reduce costs, and comply with new regulations.

Factors at play:

  • Employers are investing in new healthcare solutions as ways of decreasing claims costs, attracting and retaining talent, and ensuring productivity of employees.

  • Consumer demand for personalized, convenient and accessible care is driving innovation in this market.

  • Technological advancements in the AI/ML, data science, and cybersecurity are enabling new models of care.


Financial Tech


These software products are used by businesses and consumers to enable, enhance, and disrupt financial services.

Factors at play:

  • Consumer-facing products have faced regulatory barriers and high costs of acquisition, leading many solutions to leverage employers as an efficient distribution channel.

  • Employer-focused fintech companies are directly linked to consumer sources of capital, allowing for greater innovation and larger addressable market sizes.

  • Employers are typically the primary source of income and new types of financial solutions are needed to ensure financial wellbeing for employees.

Select Examples:



"I have had the pleasure of working with the SV team for several years now. When I was the CEO of One Medical they were instrumental in helping us think through our employer strategy and helped drive us many customers. When I started Galileo they were my first call!"

Tom Lee
CEO & Founder, Galileo 

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