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SemperVirens Venture Capital

Investing in technology startups
reshaping the worlds of health, wealth, and work.

We believe in solving big, complex, and important problems.

 SemperVirens invests exclusively in health tech, fintech, and workforce tech companies transforming the relationship between employers and their employees. We focus on helping tomorrow’s tech leaders with the reliable rigor, process, and resources they need to grow today.

Health Tech


Workforce Tech

We offer a unique growth engine to portfolio companies.

Our SemperSystem™ – a proprietary operating system built on our network of investors, entrepreneurs, expert advisors, employers, and strategic distribution partners – provides exclusive go-to-market deals, expert operating support, and deep market insights tailored to each of our portfolio company’s specific needs.

Gray Structure




Glass Buildings


We know that employers want to unlock the potential of their people.

Through our ecosystem of 1500+ HR leaders, we have seen firsthand how employers are shifting their mindset away from maintaining their human capital to maximizing the power of their creative workforce.

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